104 minutes | Oct 25, 2017

Heart of a Māori Hunter - Toa Hunter Gather #170

Toa Hunter Gatherer embodies the new generation of hunter-gatherers with a true connection to the natural world. From a very young age, Owen Boynton — Toa Hunter Gatherer — has been passionate about wild country, learning the habitats of the animals with a sense to always want to stay connected. Born in Te Urewera, the ancestral home of the Tuhoe people also known as “children of the mist," Toa's hunter-gatherer bloodline remains strong. Kaitiakitanga — guardianship for the natural world — guides Toa’s compass in life and work. Toa’s inspiring TV series “Toa Hunter Gatherer” focuses on sharing the traditional knowledge and techniques that have been lost since using modern ways to source kai, or traditional Maori food. In this episode, Toa shares from the heart on what it means to him to be a “full circle” hunter-gatherer. We get to experience hunting in New Zealand through Toa’s lens as we discuss the animals he hunts and the history of their introduced invasive species. We get to hear his perspective on conscientious hunting and gathering, from hunting terminology to “real trophy hunting” to showing reverence for elders. Toa affirms that — no matter what our ancestry is — we can all find connection to our place on this earth through participating in ecology and being devoted guardians of the natural world. Hunt - Gather - Provide! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Show Introduction: Hunt + gather updates: Canoeing the cranberry bog, a delicious wild food meal & bear fat Q&A: Soaking wild rice Introducing Toa Hunter Gatherer The meaning behind “Toa Hunter Gatherer" Toa’s background and the Maori culture How hunting works in New Zealand What animals Toa hunts in New Zealand Introduced invasive species Being mindful about hunting terminology Hunt, gather, provide — the full circle of the hunter-gatherer A typical episode of Toa Hunter Gatherer Hunting with elders A generational shift in hunting The real trophy hunting — providing for family and community Finding connection to your place on this earth Toa’s prognosis for the future of the human species Bowhunting
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