19 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

La Brujita | Origins & Cosmic Transits

Have you ever thought about what your near future may hold? Ever been curious about what your sun sign along what other signs predominant in your natal chart could mean for you? Perhaps you've just always wanted your cards read although have been hesitant to do so...until now. Well if you are a resident of South Texas, then you are in luck as we have our very own local Bruja—better known as La Brujita! In this special episode, we dive into how Taylor (La Brujita herself) became interested in astrology and all things mystical, the planetary transits for the upcoming months, and how others can connect with her. Sometimes we need to read a book to better understand something. However, at times we simply need our local Brujita to read our cards or natal chart to possibly better understand ourselves instead! Also if you are not a South Texas resident, do not fret as La Brujita is available to be booked for online readings and even has magical products available through her online shop as well. To visit La Brujita’s website click hereTo visit La Brujita’s Instagram page click hereConnect with us at Revolve One:Visit everything Revolve One by clicking hereTo visit the Revolve One Web Page click here To follow us on Facebook click hereEmail the show at feedback@revolveone.comWe are on Instagram & Twitter @revolveoneSupport the show (http://patreon.com/revolveone)
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