42 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

#311-Sohee Lee: Diet Troubleshooting (3 of 4)

In part 3 of our 4-part series together, Sohee Lee and I turn our attention in this episode to diet troubleshoots. Tune in to hear our take on:  -Taking in information versus acting on it -Underreporting calories -Areas of the diet that are easily overlooked -Weekend splurges -Considerations for energy output and how it affects intake -Family dynamics -Food environment -Maintenance breaks and more To learn more about Sohee's work:  www.soheefit.com www.instagram.com/soheefit www.facebook.com/SoheeFit To learn more about your host:  www.jasonleenaarts.com www.revfittherapy.com www.facebook.com/jason.leenaarts www.instagram.com/jasonleenaarts You can also like our Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/revolutionaryou To purchase my book, "A Revolution A Day":  www.amzn.to/2R9Larx  
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