34 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

#308-Dr. Stuart Phillips: How Does Protein Relate To Disease? (4 of 4)

I conclude this excellent 4-part series with Dr. Stuart Phillips with this week's episode. This time, we discuss how protein is potentially associated with the acid-ash hypothesis, kidney failure, correlations with cancer and the potential roles it can and has played with COVID-19. A very special thanks again to Dr. Stuart for partaking in the series with me. Stay tuned next week for an all new 4-part series.  To learn more about Dr. Stuart's work:  www.twitter.com/mackinprof www.instagram.com/mackinprof www.facebook.com/SMPHH.d To learn more about your host:  www.jasonleenaarts.com www.revfittherapy.com www.facebook.com/jason.leenaarts www.instagram.com/jasonleenaarts You can also like our Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/revolutionaryou  To purchase my book, "A Revolution A Day":  www.amzn.to/2R9Larx  
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