44 minutes | Oct 8, 2020

007: Building Nourishing Communities

Today, my dear, I want to talk about community. This is so massively important for all human beings, but especially for us as folks of color. On today’s show, I take you through the steps I’ve taken to build intentionally nourishing communities and how you can use these tools to not only create your own community, but show up vulnerably so it feels really good for you and the members of your space. I’m digging into: Why it’s so important to be specific about who you want in your space How I bring curious energy to my community and why this can breed engagement in your community too! Why community agreements are so important and the ONE thing you need to do make sure they are clear to the group Acknowledging sisterhood wounds and how you can make your group feel safe and held The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do when first starting your group that will set it up for success A practical first step to building engagement in your community The ONE thing you are NOT doing if you are truly building a nourishing community How to provide engaging content in your group with intention and without overwhelm What to be aware of so you can show up as a present and nourishing community member And more! Connect with Gieselle:    Join me in my free private Facebook group, The Woman of Color Entrepreneur Revolution, and continue the conversation! https://www.facebook.com/groups/679342759273155/  Apply for 1:1 coaching with me: https://www.gieselleallen.com/book-now  Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gieselleallen
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