56 minutes | Oct 1, 2020

006: Your Body Has The Answers with Kelsey De Brusinis

We are not talking about embodiment work enough, ya’ll! And this does WOC entrepreneurs a deep disservice. On today’s show, I invite Kelsey De Brusinis to talk to us about her work as a Trauma-Informed Psychosomatic Embodiment Coach & Emotional Release Bodyworker. We get deep into releasing hidden forces of stress, why this work is so important for WOC entrepreneurs, and how you can drop into your body to show up more authentically in your business and get to that next level!

We dive into:

  • The importance and necessity of embodiment work for WOC entrepreneurs
  • Recalibrating your nervous system so that you can attract more of what you want to your business
  • The BIGGEST thing embodiment work requires you to do (and why it’s so important)
  • Kelsey’s healing journey and how she shows up differently in her life because of her work
  • Her advice for women dealing with trauma getting in the way in their life and business
  • Why Kelsey is CANCELLING the word resilience (and the word she uses instead)
  • One of the BEST ways to distinguish between trauma and difficult experiences
  • Why you cannot race through your life and business if you want to be embodied (and what to do instead)
  • The mindset shift you need to reduce burn out and feel embodied. 
  • Some practical tools to build safety in your body. 
  • And more!


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