31 minutes | Sep 24, 2020

005: Dismantling the Hustle Mentality

Today I’m talking honestly about something I am really fucking sick of. The crazy obsession that the entrepreneurship community has about the rapid scaling of your business hasn’t been working for a lot of us and this narrative can be specifically hard for women and femmes of color. Releasing the idea that you need to grind and hustle to grow your business can be really hard, but here’s what I know - if you are focusing on profit first, you are not leading the revolutionary business you want! I am SO over talking about business growth over our mental wellness, honey; so let’s do it in a way that’s sustainable.


I’m digging into:

  • How I let go of the hustle in my own business, and how you can too so that you can scale your business in a way that feels aligned, revolutionary, and sustainable!
  • The important realization I had about my own scaling goal and why the shit they are feeding you in the white-dominant business world could be holding you back. 
  • Why your business may not be scaling and growing the way that you want and what you can be doing about it TODAY. 
  • An important lesson about your business growth and finding the permission to do it your way.
  • Some of my favorite questions to ask yourself about sustainable growth for your business and why it’s important so you can finally release that pressure to expand. 
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can be doing to run your business in a revolutionary way. 
  • What it really says about you when you step out of the corporate space. 
  • How to truly unwind from hustle culture RIGHT NOW and how you can thrive as a WOC (in a sustainable way!)
  • And so much more!


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