47 minutes | Aug 18, 2021

Bonding With The Old Dad FT Keith Graber

This week, the writer, comedian, private chef, Manny, a retro DJ join us on the Revisionary podcast. Keith never smoked weed as a kid or teenager, and started to in his early 20s, around the time he moved to New Zealand. He started smoking weed with his girlfriend at the time and went on vacation with her family. He would take walks and go smoke on the beach near their vacation home. One time, he came back just as her dad and their female Norwegian exchange student were getting in a rowboat, and they invited them to go for a boat ride. So he did, and since he was the only other guy, his girlfriend's dad asked him, to take over rowing, but he was so stoned he couldn't do it. And the 14-year-old exchange student girl had to row for him, embarrassment ensued.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/revisionarypodcast/support
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