60 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

Cherry-Ann Davis

What happens when a Trini woman ends up in the largest city in Switzerland to learn design? You have Cherry-Ann Davis, a graduate design student at Zurich University of the Arts, and a self-proclaimed creator of visuals and words. Quite a combination, right? Cherry-Ann and I talk about her design thesis, as well as her work at a feminist design publication called The Futuress. Cherry-Ann also spoke on growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, how she switched her career from marketing to design, and spoke on finding community in an entirely new place. According to Cherry-Ann, you should stay open to anything because you'll never know where it will take you. I can't argue with that! Links Cherry-Ann Davis' Website Cherry-Ann Davis on Instagram Cherry-Ann Davis on Twitter Cherry-Ann Davis on YouTube Sponsored by Brevity & Wit Brevity & Wit is a strategy and design firm committed to designing a more inclusive and equitable world.We accomplish this through graphic design, presentations and workshops around I-D-E-A: inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.If you’re curious to learn how to combine a passion for I-D-E-A with design, check us out at brevityandwit.com.Brevity & Wit — creative excellence without the grind. Like this episode? Then subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, or wherever you find your favorite shows. Subscribe and leave us a 5-star rating and a review! Thanks so much to all of you who have already rated and reviewed us! Revision Path is brought to you by Lunch, a multidisciplinary creative studio in Atlanta, GA. It is produced by Maurice Cherry and engineered and edited by RJ Basilio. You can also follow Revision Path on Instagram and Twitter. Come chat with us! And thank you for listening!
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