53 minutes | Aug 31, 2022

Why the Fusion of Marketing and Technology Brings Innovative Solutions

Twenty years ago, technology and marketing were considered completely separate worlds on opposite ends of the spectrum. Today, we live in a digital world where marketing and technology departments are inextricably linked. The marketing department integrates technology with other departments.

Over the last ten years, we have seen a rapid increase in marketing technology suppliers. But even with all its potential, MarTech presents many challenges for businesses. For example, there are many ways to improve your marketing using technology, but many companies don't know which technology they really need. Experienced marketers often find it challenging to understand and embrace MarTech's capabilities and see it as an opportunity.

Scott Brinker, the VP of platform ecosystems at HubSpot and editor at chiefmartec.com. He explains that marketing is still about winning customers, building brands, and driving sales. But with technology and all the innovation that's happening, there have been some changes in the marketing department, the team structure, and the responsibilities of the people who work there.

In this episode of Reverse Engineered, Scott Brinker and our host Jon Penland get into MarTech and why it's important to put technology into marketing. They discuss MarTech’s future and the difference between MarTech and ERP.

Check out more show notes at https://kinsta.com/podcast/marketing-and-technology-bring-innovative-solutions/

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