49 minutes | Aug 30, 2021

How a Founder in Residence Identifies Areas of Innovation at Google

Google Drive and Google Fonts are some of Google’s most popular products. Behind these incredible inventions are some hard-working, innovative people. One of them is our guest, David Wurtz.David is a Founder in Residence at Google, a role that is part of Google's Area 120, an internal incubator program for experimental projects. Google Drive and Google Fonts are some of the many projects in David's rich portfolio of inventions. In today's episode, our host Jon Penland and David discuss the challenges behind building tech products and the role stress plays in the invention process. In addition, David talks about his position at Google, the zero-to-one journey, and Area 120. Tune in to hear more about the process of developing technological products.***Check out the show notes and the video version of this episode at https://kinsta.com/podcast/innovation-at-google/
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