55 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

EP 19: Your Body Isn't The Problem with Science Based Intuitive Eating Coach Victoria Evans

This week I'm joined by Science Based Intuitive Eating Coach, Victoria Evans and we had a KICK ASS conversation. Even though I've practiced and used Intuitive Eating for 5 years, I found myself learning from Victoria which is such a gift and a testament to just how complex the work of healing your relationship to your body and food can be.   In this episode we discuss: How body shame is the ultimate fragmentation from our wholeness Grieving your dieting identity How perfectionist fantasies keep us from taking responsibility for our lives in the present The evolutionary/primal reasons we diet and pursue weight loss Healing generational wounds of conforming for connection Hiding the most valuable aspects of ourselves because we are ashamed of how we look The role certain brain chemicals play in compulsive behaviors around food What's really happening in our brains when we restrict food How shame activates the same part of our brain that is activated when we experience physical pain which will lead to self soothing behaviors Self sabotage as a form of self protection The importance of human connection on our overall health and overindulging in introversion   And so much more! It was such a dynamic conversation and I can't wait for you to listen.   Follow Victoria and learn more about her work here: https://www.instagram.com/victoriaevansofficial/ https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/weighing-in-on-happy-with-victoria-evans-official/id1449935452 https://www.facebook.com/groups/intuitiveeatingforbadasswomen https://www.victoriaevansofficial.com/programs  
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