55 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

EP 18: Ritual + Embodiment As Tools For Healing with Kimberlee

This week I am joined by Kimberlee of @sacredreturning. She is a writer who has been engaging with a community on Instagram for the last few years, focusing on rebuilding life and spirituality after leaving evangelicalism. She is currently writing a book about her process and experience of releasing purity culture through ritual and embodied practices.   In this episode we discuss:   The message she learned growing up in the church that taught her to deny herself, ignore her body and emotions and instead listen to outside authority for direction How purity culture primed her for disconnection from her body The experience of receiving a purity ring and how that made her think about her sexuality and purpose as a woman Using embodiment, ritual and ceremony to heal her experience in purity culture and release her purity ring How purity culture impacts more than just sexuality; it creates passivity, submission and codependency and how she reconnected to intuition   Learn more about Kimberlee here: https://www.instagram.com/sacredreturning/   Learn more about my Feminine Freedom Coaching Experience here: https://hollytorontocoaching.lpages.co/the-feminine-freedom-coaching-experience/
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