41 minutes | Apr 23, 2019

Help! Health-care costs are stealing my nest egg

Welcome to the Retirement Repair Shop with Mary Beth Franklin. On this episode, Mary Beth speaks with Ron Mastrogiovanni of HealthView Services to examine how health and wealth planning intersect in retirement. Ron Mastrogiovanni brings more than 25 years of combined experience in financial services, management consulting, and high technology. He is an industry leader in creating financial planning tools for advisers and their clients to use around projecting and solving the dilemma of rising healthcare costs in retirement. More from Ron Mastrogiovanni: HealthView Services website: http://www.hvsfinancial.com/ Healthy Capital website: http://healthycapital.com/ Health and retirement savings whitepaper: http://healthycapital.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/18-HC-health-retirement-savings-1.pdf Credits Production sound engineer: Paul Schmitz Post sound engineer: Boris Palacios Music: DJ Throdown For more information go to www.InvestmentNews.com/RepairShop To share your retirement hurdles with us, or to ask a question or contact us, please email, podcasts@investmentnews.com InvestmentNews Twitter: @investmentnews Mary Beth Franklin Twitter: @MBFretirepro InvestmentNews LinkedIn InvestmentNews Facebook
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