49 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Caring for Caregivers

02:00  - Background on Liz O’Donnell’s elder care experience – what happened, what it meant for her earnings potential05:30 - A first experience with a financial advisor and how it went wrong vs. why a second experience was better12:00 - Guidelines for FAs when working with caregiver clients and the role the FA can play in coordinating19:30 - How modern technology can help FAs in these situations, e.g. Zoom24:30 - Connecting with the other professionals who support caregiver clients28:30 - What goes into selecting a care facility35:30 - Affording a care facility41:45 - COVID-19 effect44:30 - Approaching the discussions around this topic This episode is sponsored by TransamericaFor more information, and tools on how you can support female clients on their journey to and through retirement visit www.transamerica.com/women-and-investing
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