42 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

A Widow’s Journey

2:40 - When Heather started out in the industry5:15 - Considerations to keep in mind when working with widows8:00 - Organizing the steps of the financial process12:45 - Importance of patience in the widow deciding where to live15:00 - COVID adjustments for engaging with clients20:00 - Staff growth during the pandemic23:00 - Matching clients with the right advisor26:00 - How to charge for these sorts of services28:15 - The importance of sharing account access31:45 - Coordinating with other service providers34:45 - Resources for advisors in this area37:15 - Final comments - Keep the person in mindThis episode is sponsored by Transamerica.For more information, and tools on how you can support female clients on their journey to and through retirement visit www.transamerica.com/women-and-investing
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