57 minutes | May 28, 2014

No, Nina, That's Not Your Hip; It's Your Pelvis.

The pelvis is one of those mysterious, hidden body parts. It is hard to imagine what it looks like, and even harder to imagine what it does and how it moves. In this episode of Rethinking Orthopedics, we will examine the structure and function of the pelvis. In many ways, our bodies are like tall buildings. The pelvis is the foundation on which the upper body is built. The lower extremities are like pylons on which the foundation rests. What makes it all so interesting is that the foundation is articulated, and it participates in moving us through space. It also makes a nice container for holding some of our softer parts. We will talk about the pelvic bones, how they move, male-female differences, differences in men's and women's orthopedic problems, how the pelvis participates in walking, how the pelvis is related to the hips, and why the pelvis is so involved in back pain, sciatica, almost every orthopedic problem, and many internal medicine problems.
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