56 minutes | Jul 9, 2014

As Below, So Above.

In Oriental Medicine we have a saying – “as above, so below.” When it comes to orthopedics and musculoskeletal issues, I believe it is more accurate to say, “as below, so above.” The pelvis is the foundation on which the upper body is built. Problems in the pelvis and lower extremities are reflected in and counterbalanced by the upper extremities, torso, neck, and head. In this episode of Rethinking Orthopedics, we will examine the structure and function of the upper extremities. We will look at the shoulder girdle and arms as an integrated, dynamic whole that responds to what is happening in the lower body. Our focus will be more on the connections between the joints than on the joints themselves. We will examine the similarities and differences between the upper and lower extremities, and the implications for what kinds of problems we experience in our shoulders, arms, and hands.
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