58 minutes | Jun 4, 2014

Are Shoes Wrecking Your Body?

Foot pain can be more than just achy feet! One in four U.S. women suffers from debilitating foot pain, which can affect the function of other body parts, from knees and hips to the pelvis and spine. But the solution may be as easy as some simple changes and gentle exercises. My guest, biomechanical scientist Katy Bowman, M.S., will talk to us about how the foot is designed to work, what shoes we should and should not be wearing at different stages in our lives, and how to reduce or prevent foot pain and halt the cascade of damage throughout the rest of the body. Find out how something you do every day without giving it much thought, i.e., wearing your shoes, can disrupt or negate all the good things you are so careful to do for yourself. Learn how something as simple as the heels of your shoes can have an impact not only on the health of your feet but also on conditions as diverse as the strength of your pelvic floor and the density of your bones.
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