56 minutes | Jun 25, 2014

An Uncommon Look at the Lower Extremities.

If the pelvis is the foundation on which the upper body is built, then the lower extremities are the pylons on which the foundation rests. In this episode of Rethinking Orthopedics, we will examine the structure and function of the lower extremities, but in a different way from usual. Most of the time we view the body as though it were a machine made up of replaceable parts. Instead of looking at the legs joint by joint, today we are going to look at the connections between the joints. We will see the leg as an integrated, dynamic whole that changes its shape and its motion in response to changing pressures from above (from the pelvis) and from below (the feet and ankles). Find out how knees and feet respond when pelvic motions are restricted by an injured sacroiliac joint or hip. Hear some uncommon explanations for common foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis. Once you see how the joints are connected, you will wonder why you never saw it before.
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