50 minutes | Apr 1, 2020

Now Is The Time To Listen On Social Media - Interview with Gunnar Simonsen

Social media can no longer be an afterthought. In Christian radio, we have a huge opportunity to unite and bring hope to people, and with the coronavirus epidemic, people need the hope of Jesus more than ever. But are you willing to meet people where they are? Now is the time to listen on social media. It's time to build relationships. It's time to check in on people. It's time to walk in your purpose, and it's time to encourage and affirm people. But how you connect is up to you. How will you connect with people on social? Will you show empathy? Will you seek them out? In today's episode, Gunnar Simonsen joins us and shares his thoughts and expertise on doing outreach strategy on social media and why listening on social is so crucial. Remember that every post you make has to matter.5 Points About Social Media During COVID-19 Epidemic(from Rebecca at CRISTA Media)You absolutely have to be in the moment.Pay attention to people’s state of mind.Our biggest competition is too much information.People need hope now more than ever.The schedule still wins the day. Every post has to be your best work.Learn more about Killer Bee Marketing at https://killerbeemarketing.com1:1 Digital Coaching with BrianIf you need help putting together a digital strategy, I would love come alongside you in your mission and guide you in utilizing digital platforms to connect with your audience. Learn more about my 1:1 Digital Coaching sessions at https://killerbeemarketing.com/coaching/
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