34 minutes | Sep 3rd 2019

Episode 6: Mastering Mixed Use with Developer Mark Toro, of North American Properties

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Mark Toro of North American Properties

Revel:  https://experiencerevel.com/

Painted Duck:  https://www.thepaintedduckatl.com/

Avalon:  https://www.experienceavalon.com/


3:40 Mixed use reemerging as a stronger force.

5:31 Energy Curves- The key is to identify the uses that will attract and retain human interest on the property.

5:58 Probably 9 or 10 communities in the USA that are the model of what is to come.

7:29 “If you get the street right, everything else will take care of itself.” Don Wood, President Federal Realty Investment Trust

8:25 Retail developers seem to be more successful with used mix because they understand the difference between guests experience at different stores. 

10:30  The critical differentiator is that these are communities. The key is to be able to program that public realm to attract people onto the property and hold them there so that they spend money.

14:18 Public spaces are critical to the success. They become the third place for the community.

18:24 Social media, events, activation, concierge, all high touch things were considered as fluff in the real estate industry.  But people are starting to take notice that it has value.

 19:10 Retailers are realizing that what is outside their front door allows them to recruit and maintain the best and the brightest.

19:19 Apartment resident recognizes that when they walk out their front door they are already where they are going. 

19:45 Multi-family rents are 50% above the market, office rents are 30% above the market, single family residence are 100-150% ahead.

25:40 Instagram is the weapon of choice for social media but all platforms are used.   Build community while building a community.

26:48 Within a month of opening, we scheduled the “Lighting of Avalon” event.  Adverse weather forced the schedule to change and through community social media only, it was rescheduled, and 15,000 people showed up. 

29:56 A key component of mixed use properties, is that each of the product developers believe that the key is to create a street level experience that will keep people there.

31:28 We are not in the business of building buildings, we’re in the business of building communities. It’s about the space between the buildings being a playground.

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