51 minutes | Jun 8, 2017

Ep 35: Jenna Zaffino | On anxiety, burnout and showing up as yourself

In this episode, Nikki and Janet chat with Pilates expert and educator, Jenna Zaffino about her experiences and how to address anxiety and burnout as a Pilates teacher or fitness professional.

They discuss:

  • Constructive strategies to handle teaching burnout and anxiety
  • The role of mindset in how we feel about ourselves, our actions and our teaching
  • How anxiety is more common than we realize and not feeling alone in it can make a difference
  • The different motivations for sharing work online and in social media
  • How we can harness positivity in an authentic way
  • Ways to incorporate a meditation practice into your day
  • Why everything counts

Self-care experts and mindset resources + links mentioned:

About Jenna Zaffino:

Jenna Zaffino is a Pilates expert who's star is rising to the top of the industry.  She has been teaching for 16 yrs, owned her successful studio, Helios 3.0 in Chicago for 10 and is the author of the celebrated Pilates children's book, Horatio Moves! 

Jenna is the producer, writer and host of the wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered.  She is also the creator of multiple online support courses that help movement teachers find their purpose and remember their passion.

Jenna received comprehensive Pilates teacher training through both Movement Education LLC and The Ron Fletcher Program of Study, respectively.  As a professional educator, she has served as a faculty member for Fletcher Pilates Intl for a decade, presenting courses and professional teacher training for the company internationally.  She is also an Arcus Educator and course contributor through McEntire Pilates. 

Jenna recently became a certified meditation teacher, expanding her offerings to include an integrated and mindful approach to movement. Jenna's passion for supporting movement professionals is realized through providing professional mentorship as well as life coaching.  She is a facilitator for Gabrielle Bernstein's May Cause Miracle's 40 Day Program and will complete her education in NLP in 2017.

To learn more about Jenna, you can visit her site jennazaffino.com or say hello on Facebook or Instagram

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