22 minutes | Aug 11th 2020

What if it doesn't get better??

I am an eternal optimist in my opinion, but...

The restaurant industry has been decimated, and so far at least in the U.S, the numbers aren't going in the right direction.

We have been numb to the number of closings, slowdows, layoffs etc due to this pandemic.

There is no question that this situation will impact our industry for quite some time.  Lost sales, profits and key employees will continue their impact into the future.

I spoke on this in early March that as we started shutting down, it was a GREAT time to educate yourself on something new.  Even for fun or for business, it's pretty rare especially for us in the industry to have such an amount of time off.

Listen in, pretty short and raw, but perhaps it may inspire you to take action now, to expand what might be your new reality as we move ahead.

Be well, be safe...talk soon.

Chef Tony Marciante

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