89 minutes | Jan 13th 2021

Final Fantasy VII: Memories of Midgar - Ep. 01

Mako energy makes the world go round!  In the city of Midgar, the most technologically advanced city in the world, those who live above on its suspended plates thrive and prosper, while those who live below struggle to survive.  Join Jewel, Artanis, and Ruby in a Final Fantasy VII story about life "under the rotting pizza". For more info and scheduling follow @RespectTheCrit Ruby Weapon - Ian Duncan @iduncs Jewel Stone - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamielee.bones Artanis Rinn - Alex Herrera @aeherrera GM - Xavier Trudeau-Deschênes @xavierTD Additional game design - @DuffMD Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!   Original music provided with license or permissions by: "Oppressed People (Jazz Cover)" - The Consouls "Fisherman's Horizon (Jazz Ballad Cover)" - The Consouls "Tifa's Theme Remake" - Enrico Deiana "Lurking in the Darkness Remake" - Enrico Deiana "Turk's Theme Remake" - Enrico Deiana "Battle Theme Music Remake (Epic Fan Made)" - Enrico Deiana "Still More Fighting/Boss Theme Music Remake" - Enrico Deiana "Bombing Mission (Opening Theme) Music Remake" - Enrico Deiana "Jenova Absolute Music Remake" - Enrico Deiana "Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare ED Version" - Enrico Deiana "Shinra Corporation Music Remake" - Enrico Deiana   Music from Overclocked ReMix "Crystal Sermon"  - Trenthian  "A World of Piano" - kLuTz "Otanjoubi Cid" - FFMusic DJ "The Shinra Shuffle" - The Runaway Five "Costa Del Sol DANCE" - posu yan "Aeris Lives" - Kevin Lau "Materia Junkie" - LulzA "REAKTR1" - sephfire & Tweex "Philharmonic Suite Part 1" - Jeremy Robson "Prayer" - MENBAH!   Music from Filmmusic.io "Dionysos" by Sascha Ende License: CC BY "Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 004" by Sascha Ende License: CC BY "Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 006" by Sascha Ende License: CC BY "Afterparty Review" by Sascha Ende License: CC BY "Consequence" by Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY "Stop Loving You" by Luca Fraula License: CC BY   Additional sound by Tabletop Audio and Syrinscape
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