57 minutes | Feb 24th 2021

Empire's Edge - Ep. 31: Momentum

Zalto the Hutt is dead.  His grip on Socorro severed, much to the elation of the criminal Triumvirate that governs the planet.  But before his corpulent corpse can cool, the fearless fringers Elo and Beegax must enact the rest of their plan to throw Socorro into chaos in order to escape the system. Their troubles far from over, Beegax and Elo scramble to keep their element of surprise as The Empire’s shadow looms in its search for the surly dug slicer and his stolen Imperial intelligence.  Will the crime lord Triumvirate keep their end of a bitter bargain?  Will a swift retaliation come from the Hutt home world?  Will the Empire crack down on this frontier town?  Freedom hangs in the balance for our star weary wanderers. For more info and scheduling follow @RespectTheCrit Host & GM - Ian Duncan @iduncs Elo - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamielee.bones Beegax Botano - Alex Herrera @aeherrera   Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!   Original music provided with license or permissions by: "Solo Fan Made"  - Luis Humanoide  "Star Wars Epic Cover I" - Parademics "The Madalorian Season 2 Trailer Music Epic Version" - Samuel Kim "Force Awakens Soundtrack Cover" - William Maytook "Episode VI Celebration Them Pan Flute and Piano" - Lucas King   Music from Filmmusic.io "Templebells (Arriving)" by Lilo Sound License: CC BY "Neo Western" by Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY "Reawakening" by Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY   Additional sound by Syrinscape
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