24 minutes | Nov 5, 2014

RR 047 - Mum, Come Look At This Shit

This week Respawn discusses how to fix all of our time problems with in a simple and non-global system changing way! With Alastair still away the team brings in Special Guest Anthony from Global Upload to tell us about his adventures in Melbourne for PAX AUS 2014! Meanwhile, Fraser steps into the current gen pool with a purchase of an Xbox One and with Ben talk about the latest instalment in the CoD series, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In questionable PC decisions, Steph finds herself disappointed a second MMO with Final Fantasy XIV & Tim has too much fun losing tractors in Farming Simulator 15. In the news, GTA IV gets first person for the next-gen release, AMD engineer LinkedIn updates lead to slim console rumours, Prey 2 is Prey no more, Retired LoL pro signs a $800,000 streaming deal, & the landfill Atari cartridges hit eBay. Starring Ben, Fraser, Steph, Tim & special guest Anthony This Week's Hazing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 2 out of 5 Hazes PAX AUS 2014 - 2 out of 5 Hazes Respawn Radio is presented by Shift Two Media. For more podcasts and links to our Facebook, Twitter, & Patreon accounts visit www.shift-two.com. Play with the team: Alastair Twitter: @lazyguineapig XBL: lego goats Steam: meranvus Ben Twitter: @n3bulon Fraser Twitter: @JollyJoker75 XBL: FazzleDrazzle75 PSN: FazzleDrazzle75 Steam: Frankenslide Steph @Grrlbrush Tim @PricelessTim XBL: PricelessTim91 Steam: PricelessTim
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