3 minutes | Sep 24, 2014

RR 041 - Nuka-Cola Sealed With Bullets

This week Respawn reveals secret love, discuss how to smoke what, looks for new job opportunities. Ben battles terrorists in office blocks in Counter Strike, Alastair decodes engrams in Destiny, Fraser gets hooked up with free Carmageddon, and Tim fails to protest the sheriff in Fallout 3. Over at the news desk, Respawn is talking about Australia getting the 'New' 3DS, Nvidia's new graphics cards, PlayStation TV releasing with 700 games, first person rumours for GTA V, Destiny's easier update, and the sad financials of Sony. This Week's Hazings Metro: 2033 - 1.5 out of 5 Kim Possible - 0.5 out of 5 Starring Alastair, Ben, Fraser, & Tim Respawn Radio is presented by Shift Two Media. For more podcasts visit www.shift-two.com or search for 'Shift Two' on iTunes. Play with the team: Alastair Twitter: @lazyguineapig XBL: lego goats Steam: meranvus Ben Twitter: @n3bulon Fraser Twitter: @JollyJoker75 XBL: FazzleDrazzle75 PSN: FazzleDrazzle75 Steam: Frankenslide Steph @Grrlbrush Tim @PricelessTim XBL: PricelessTim91 Steam: PricelessTim
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