109 minutes | Jul 2, 2014

RR 034 - I Could Just Lick The Table

This week, Respawn is tangenting like crazy all over the place. We cover everything from Sailor Moon Crystal to 60th wedding anniversaries to embarrassing school stories. We also cover the suggested changed to Western Australia's R18+ game laws, GTAO DLC to celebrate the good ol' US of A, Dragon Age going FULLY gay, and much more. Starring Alastair, Fraser, Steph, & Tim. Respawn Radio is presented by Shift Two Media. For more podcasts visit www.shift-two.com or search 'Shift Two' on iTunes. Follow the team: Alastair Twitter: @lazyguineapig XBL: lego goats PSN: lazyguineapig Steam: meranvus Ben Twitter: @n3bulon Fraser Twitter: @JollyJoker75, XBL: FazzleDrazzle75, PSN: FazzleDrazzle75, Steam: Frankenslide Steph @Grrlbrush Tim @PricelessTim XBL: PricelessTim91, Steam: PricelessTim
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