30 minutes | Dec 21, 2018

Day 9 – What It Means to be a True Systematic Manager and How to Spot the Lemons in your Lineup

So far, we have been discussing a variety of ways to build portfolios and harvest returns, but we haven’t really addressed a fundamental aspect of how we think about portfolio construction. Even though most of us like to think that we will rise to the occasion in the face of a challenge, the reality is that we will most likely sink to the level of our training during those difficult times. In the world of investing, that ‘training’ can be thought of as establishing sound, economically viable and time-tested rules when things are calm (and emotions are in check) and executing them relentlessly through thick and thin. On this 9th day, we get down to what it really means to be a systematic investor. Reference: https://investresolve.com/blog/dynamic-asset-allocation-for-practitioners-part-2-the-many-faces-of-price-momentum/ https://investresolve.com/blog/same-same-but-different/
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