43 minutes | Mar 3, 2020

Four Noble Truths - Relating Them To The Resistance

We can't always control 100% of what happens to us or around us, but what we can control is our reaction to those situations and circumstances. The point of debating the point of conversation is to share ideas add to get our messages across. We like to be heard and others like to know that they are being heard as well. If we allow our emotions to control a reactions in such debates over topics that are very personal to us we end up closing our own ears and eyes to the other side which in turn closes theirs to ours and the conversation goes nowhere from that point forward. But there is a way that we can maintain our composure and our openness so our conversations for the others do not devolve into childish fingers in our ears lalalala lalalala. We'll discuss how to do that in this episode. This episode contains a reading from The Issue At Hand Essays On Buddhist Mindfulness Practice by Gil Fronsdal. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/resistwithdharma/support
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