57 minutes | Oct 27, 2017

(Content Warning: Sexual Assault) - Staying Safe While Activist-ing with Stephanie Zvan

We interview feminist writer, blogger, radio host, public speaker, and "jill of all trades" activist Stephanie Zvan about cyberbullying, feminism, harassment, trolling, "freeze peach" / free speech, platforming, and online activism, and finally, discussing how to be safer AND more effective as an advocate of civil rights. Follow Stephanie on Twitter @Szvan Read Stephanie's blog: https://the-orbit.net/almostdiamonds/   The RESIST Podcast is hosted by @DanielleMuscato and produced by @erothco. Sign up for our newsletter at RESISTpodcast.com. Also make sure to follow us on Twitter at @RESISTpodcast and Like our Facebook Page at Facebook.com/RESISTpodcast. We would appreciate if you could support the show at Patreon.com/RESISTpodcast or via PayPal to paypal@RESISTpodcast.com Thank you for listening! #RESIST!
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