18 minutes | Feb 14, 2019

06: Women's social media activism in Indonesian politics in focus - Monika Winarnita

We might think of social media as a way of staying in touch with friends and family, and sharing pictures of our pets, but it also has an important role in providing new pathways to political and social activism. Monika Winarnita is a Research Officer in the ARC Discovery and Linkage New Beats project, whose research focuses on online media and digital activism in Indonesia. In this episode of Research in Focus, Monika chats with Lauren Gawne about how women are using social media to advance their political agenda in the leadup to the 2019 Indonesian elections. For more on Monika’s research: https://scholars.latrobe.edu.au/display/mwinarnita Research in Focus is a La Trobe University podcast, produced by Lawrie Zion and Lauren Gawne. Support for this podcast comes from La Trobe University’s Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area. This podcast is edited by Margaret Purdam and hosted by Upstart. Music is Bright Future by Silent Partner. Recorded November 27th, 2018.
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