24 minutes | Jan 31, 2019

05: Australia’s innovative economic history in focus – Anne Rees

Most of what we learn in Australian history is about major events that shape the Australian culture, but new focus on the economic history of Australia is revealing a rich and often untold story. Anne Rees is a David Myers Research Fellow in History at La Trobe University, whose research focuses on the social and economic history of Australia. In this episode of Research in Focus, Anne talks to Lauren Gawne about the sometimes radical history of economics as a field of study in Australia. For more on Anne's research: https://scholars.latrobe.edu.au/display/arees Research in Focus is a La Trobe University podcast, produced by Lawrie Zion and Lauren Gawne. Support for this podcast comes from La Trobe University’s Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area. This podcast is edited by Margaret Purdam and hosted by Upstart. Music is Bright Future by Silent Partner. Recorded December 4th, 2018.
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