21 minutes | Dec 20, 2018

02: Australian bush tucker in focus - Jillian Garvey

Australians love a good barbeque, but if you look at what’s on the barbie, very little of the meat comes from indigenous fauna. Jillian Garvey, is an ARC DECRA Fellow in Archeology at La Trobe. Her research focuses on understanding the records of some of the country’s earliest human inhabitants of the central Murray River valley, in northwest Victoria. In this episode of Research in Focus, Jillian chats with Lauren Gawne about Australia’s own paleo diet. For more on Jillian’s research: https://scholars.latrobe.edu.au/display/jmgarvey Research in Focus is a La Trobe University podcast, produced by Lawrie Zion and Lauren Gawne. Support for this podcast comes from La Trobe University’s Transforming Human Societies Research Focus Area. This podcast is edited by Max Robins and hosted by Upstart. Music is Bright Future by Silent Partner. Recorded November 15th, 2018.
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