43 minutes | Apr 4, 2021

190: How to use FOMO marketing to build your personal brand with May King Tsang

May King Tsang is the UK-based queen of FOMO marketing. She is a FOMO creator, a social media correspondent and a professional live tweeter. May King's specialty is to bridge the gap between social media and PR by helping to sell out conferences, workshops, festivals, launches, speaking gigs and summits by creating excitement beyond the four walls. She works for conference organisers, but also keynote speakers and thought leaders who need to generate extra buzz from their appearances. In this interview with Trevor Young you will discover: What FOMO marketing isMay King's personal branding journey - transitioning from tea influencer and a 'tea note speaker' to FOMO marketing expertAll about converting 'lurkers' to 'buyers'How to create FOMO for your personal brand every time you the attend an eventWhat you're creating every time you respond to a question or comment in the socialsThe value of having a social media correspondent on board for your next event. This is a high-energy conversation between Trevor and May King - you really don't want to miss out on this one! CONNECT WITH MAY KING: Twitter Instagram YouTube Website
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