30 minutes | Feb 21, 2021

184 Cement your authority: From brain to book in 90 days with Kath Walters

Kath Walters is one of Australia's most experienced business writers and journalists. Having built a career writing for publications like Australia's pre-eminent and influential magazine Business Review Weekly, Kath left traditional media 8 years ago to head down the content marketing path. She is now the author of two books, and is a 'book coach' - helping her thought leader clients write and release a book in 90 days. In this episode, Kath and host Trevor Young explore the steps of this journey. The topics Kath and Trevor touch on in this conversation include: Why writing a book is a powerful content marketing toolThe 5 steps of Kath's brain to book processGetting started, and maintaining momentumSome great success stories about what clients have been able to achieve and attract as a result of getting their ideas on the page and out into the world. Whether you've just started thinking about writing a book to support your brand or you've been thinking about it for a while, listening to this episode could be just what you need to get cracking! CONNECT WITH KATH: Website LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
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