54 minutes | Jun 5, 2021

#382: Training Legs with a Bad Back, What Are "Effective Reps," & Recommended Natural Grooming Products

On this week's Q&A episode we cover training around injuries, building muscle, nutrition, music, grooming and more.  I also give a brief explanation of how and why I ended up moving out of LA and down to Austin. And then out of Austin to our new temporary home.  Grab your headphones (preferably with a wire to avoid EMF's!), take the dogs for a walk (or go adopt one) and enjoy.  Questions answered: Should training intensity change when on a calorie deficit for fat loss? What is the best number of reps for a beginner to build muscle? How often do you incorporate pushups into your workouts? Would you even bother with anyone who’s consistently lost your trust?  Do you believe in longer fasts of 48-72 hours? The Way I am, Lose Yourself, Til I Collapse, or other? Do you still write programs where volume starts low and progresses to higher over weeks? Top 3 leg exercises for a mid 40’s guy with a sensitive low back?  What is an “effective rep” and how many per muscle group per week for hypertrophy?  What kind of natural grooming products do I use?  Why did I leave California and move to Texas? Then leave? This episode is brought to you by biOptimizers.  Magnesium Breakthrough is the most potent, complete, first full spectrum magnesium formula ever created.  If you want to beat stress, get fit, sleep better and recover faster you need full spectrum magnesium to complete your healthy lifestyle. As a special offer only for listeners of the Renegade Radio Podcast you can get up to 40% off your order today!   Go to www.MagBreakthrough.com/JAY and use the coupon code JAY10 to get yours while supplies last! This episode is also brought to you by paleovalley.  Their delicious beef sticks are sourced from 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cows that are never fed grains nor harmful antibiotics.  Go to paleovalley.com and use the coupon code “JAY” to save 15% off your order today.  
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