56 minutes | May 15, 2021

#380: Why Your Cell Phone May Be Putting Your Health at Risk with Nicolas Pineault

Don’t smoke.  Eat healthy food.  Get enough of exercise and quality sleep.   Everyone knows the things they should and shouldn’t do to reduce their chances of getting chronic diseases like cancer.   But what about the cell phone that’s constantly glued to your ear?  Or the computer you sit in front of for 8 hours a day?  Have you ever stopped to think about what those are doing to your health?  Would you even know to? Nicolas Pineault is the author of the best-selling book “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs” and an advocate for safe technologies.  HIs passion is to dig up the truth about how electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones, wifi and Bluetooth might, or might not, affect human health.  In this episode Nick is here to teach you what EMFs are, how they could be negatively impacting your life, and how you can combat their effects.  Listen as we discuss: What are EMFs and why should you care?  [4:19] Why did he become so interested in EMFs?  [7:13] Is your cellphone putting you at risk of getting cancer?  [12:51] How EMFS are negatively impacting your sleep, mood and life.  [14:47] Tips to minimize the damage from your phone.  [22:47] Sources of EMFS that are in every home across the nation.  [27:03] Fitness enthusiasts beware - these things might do more harm than good.  [36:41] Should you be concerned with getting an x-ray?  [42:07] Think the baby monitor is helping to keep your child safe?  Think again.  [44:10] Do you need EMF monitors in your home?  [47:08] Effective ways to combat the effects of EMFs.  [51:16] This episode is brought to you by Cured Nutrition.  Cured Rise is a caffeine-free daytime CBD nootropic supplement.  Infused with 9mg of Broad Spectrum CBD extract, it encourages sustained wakefulness and focus and promotes stress resilience.  Cured Zen is a CBD sleep supplement that encourages relaxation, helps you ease away the stress of the day with all-natural ingredients and improves sleep quality.  Click HERE to get yours today and use the coupon code, “Renegade” for a 15% discount. This episode is also brought to you by Athletic Greens. With 75 ingredients working together to help with 11 different areas of health, Athletic Greens helps detoxify your body, boost your energy, and strengthen your immune system. Get all your vital nutrition in 30 seconds or less at www.AthleticGreens.com/Jay to claim your Renegade Radio special offer.
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