77 minutes | Apr 9, 2021

#375: Psychedelic Solutions to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress will KILL you.  Maybe not today… But, if you’re not consistently implementing ways to reduce stress and chill the f*ck out, you’re putting yourself on the fast track to an early grave.   Dr. David Rabin is a neuroscientist, board certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur and inventor who has been studying the impact of chronic stress in humans for more than a decade.   He’s also the co-founder and chief innovation officer at Apollo Neuroscience, which has developed the first scientifically validated wearable technology that actively improves energy, focus and relaxation.   Dr. Rabin is currently conducting research on the epigenetic regulation of trauma responses and recovery to explain the mechanism of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the neurobiology of belief.   If that all sounds a little complicated, don’t stress.  In this episode David gives you some simple, straightforward ways to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your health.  Listen as we discuss: What first interested Dr. Rabin about neuroscience?  [2:42] Quick and simple ways you can reduce stress and anxiety.  [5:01] How stress affects digestive health, recovery from training and sexual performance.  [13:17] Does high stress also mean high inflammation in your body? [15:20] How your diet impacts your stress, anxiety and emotional state.  [17:54] Should you avoid caffeine if you’re already high strung or stressed out?  [20:27] The importance of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and how you can improve yours. [23:53]   How to incorporate breathwork and meditative practices into your daily routine.  [28:55] The incredible benefits of spending time in float tanks.  [31:52] Other practices to help you recover and de-stress.  [33:36] What is Apollo and how can it help you?  [35:45] Can THC, Ketamine and psychedelics improve HRV?  [46:32] Does belief (aka “placebo”) impact the effects of drugs? [51:03]   Why you have no idea how good you could feel.  [55:04] How does Dave know if psychedelics are right for his patients?  [58:53] How can you benefit from mushrooms or ayahuasca?  [1:01:53] What are his thoughts on micro-dosing?  [1:08:00] Root causes of addiction, and effective treatment options.  [1:10:19] This episode is brought to you by Cured Nutrition.  Cured Rise is a caffeine-free daytime CBD nootropic supplement.  Infused with 9mg of Broad Spectrum CBD extract, it encourages sustained wakefulness and focus and promotes stress resilience.  Cured Zen is a CBD sleep supplement that encourages relaxation, helps you ease away the stress of the day with all-natural ingredients and improves sleep quality.  Click HERE to get yours today and use the coupon code, “Renegade” for a 15% discount. This episode is also brought to you by Trifecta Nutrition.  Make sticking to your nutrition plan simpler with organic, ready to eat and macro balanced meals shipped safely to your door! Go to TrifectaNutrition.com/Renegade and use the code ‘RENEGADE’ to save 30% off your first order!    
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