18 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

#374: How to Stack Wins All Day, Every Day

In this short solo episode I'm gonna give you some simple, easy-to-implement strategies that will help you dominate your days.  If you make these mindset shifts and adopt these habits everything will change. You'll stack one win after another and develop unshakeable self confidence. You ready? Let's go! This episode is brought to you by biOptimizers.  Cognibiotics is a breakthrough, mood enhancing formula.  It starts with a solid foundation of prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health and includes 17 powerful brain boosting herbs to enhance your mood, manage stress and improve recovery. Cognibiotics comes with a full 1 year guarantee!  Go to cognibiotics.com/renegade and use the coupon “JAY” to receive 10% off your order today!  This episode is also brought to you by Trifecta Nutrition.  Make sticking to your nutrition plan simpler with organic, ready to eat and macro balanced meals shipped safely to your door! Go to TrifectaNutrition.com/Renegade and use the code ‘RENEGADE’ to save 30% off your first order!  
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