62 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

#358: How to Defend Yourself Against Disease with Dr. Michael Lewis

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Dr. Michael Lewis is an expert on nutritional interventions for brain health.  He is also a huge proponent of using proper nutrition for optimizing your gut health, building your immune system and safeguarding yourself from disease.  

Dr. Lewis shares simple and effective tips for boosting your immunity, discusses the mistakes that have been made during the pandemic and details a more effective approach going forward, and teaches you much more that will help keep you healthy and strong! 

Listen as we discuss:

  • Dr. Lewis’ background.  [4:17]
  • Why “exercising” your immune system is the key to remaining healthy.  [8:31]
  • Why good nutrition and exercise keep your immune system healthy.  [9:46]
  • Avoid this if you don’t want to wreck your gut health.  [12:40]
  • A simple way to ensure you’re buying healthy food at the grocery store.  [15:32]
  • The ONLY diet ever scientifically proven to enhance cognition.  [18:59]
  • Does he recommend limiting carbs?  [20:11]
  • Does meal timing and intermittent fasting improve gut health and immunity?  [21:10]
  • Supplements that help strengthen your immune system.  [22:39]
  • Is high stress as harmful to your brain as chemotherapy?  [31:03]
  • The BEST way to prevent contracting the virus (that no one in mainstream media is talking about.)  [34:12]
  • Is what America is doing to stop the spread of the virus the exact opposite of what we should be doing?  [36:10]
  • Why strength training becomes even more important as you age.  [45:49]
  • Effective tips for stress management and better sleep.  [47:52]

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