40 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

#354: Surviving Cancer with Beau Whitman

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Beau Whitman is a former competitive athlete, fitness coach, and a cancer survivor.  

After undergoing six major reconstructive surgeries he thought he had seen the toughest of times.  However, in 2019 he was diagnosed with Stage III Germ Cell Cancer.  He realized his entire athletic background was training him for this defining moment in his life.  

Calling upon the lessons he learned from his past challenges, he shifted his mindset, put his head down and went to work overcoming his illness.  Today he is cancer free!

Following his mantra, “Rebuilt to Inspire,” Beau’s passion has expanded from coaching injured athletes to helping cancer survivors reclaim their health and fitness.  

Listen as we discuss:

  • How did Beau first discover he had cancer?  [1:54]
  • How a shift in his mindset has helped him beat the disease.  [6:33]
  • Why he decided to create his own “cancer survivors” training program.  [11:16]
  • What does his training programs for cancer patients look like?  [15:23]
  • “The Dive” - Beau’s 6 steps for overcoming any obstacle.  [18:25]
  • His favorite recovery methods and why he pulled the “cancer card” to get a puppy.  [34:17]
  • What’s up with Beau’s color coded sticky notes?  [37:05]

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