63 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

#353: Building a Fitness Empire with "Body by Jake" Steinfeld

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“Don’t Quit” is the mantra of Jake Steinfeld’s life.  

The Chairman and CEO of “Body by Jake,” he was the world’s first professional fitness trainer.  

The man created the industry we know and love today and opened the door for people to make an incredible living through their passion for fitness.  

This amazing episode was instantly one of my personal all time favorites.  

In a style that is all his own Jake shares stories, strategies, insights and wisdom that can help anyone achieve anything they set their mind to.  He gives us a glimpse into the infectious personality that has made him one of the most beloved and successful fitness icons of all time.

Listen as we discuss:  

  • How did Jake first get started in bodybuilding?  [5:44]
  • How he went from training a waitress for gas money to becoming the trainer of some of the world’s biggest celebrities.  [13:18]
  • The importance of “listening” to your gut and taking your shots in life.  [17:16]
  • Lessons from the best - indispensable advice for fitness trainers.  [18:59]
  • What would Jake do if he were just starting out in business today?  [22:11]
  • How the people he surrounded himself with impacted his success.  [24:31] 
  • Is personality the “secret” to success?  [24:53]
  • How to overcome failures and push through hard times.  [32:22]
  • A simple tip for turning your ideas into reality.  [35:33]
  • What inspired him to start his “Don’t Quit” nutrition line?  [36:12]
  • What are his diet, training, and daily rituals like now?  [45:19]
  • How he combines visualization and meditation with training.  [49:19]
  • What motivated Jake to start Major League Lacrosse?  [52:59]
  • The importance of giving back.  [1:00:10]

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