63 minutes | Sep 12th 2020

#348: From Felonies to Fitness with Doug Bopst

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Doug Bopst is an award winning personal trainer, author, speaker, and business owner.  

A former felon and drug addict, he achieved his credentials through his personal journey of transformation.  With a lot of help from an unlikely mentor, he used his time locked up in jail to beat his demons and reinvent himself.  

Keeping a promise he made to his mentor and former cellmate, Doug has helped hundreds of people improve their lives through the power of fitness.  

Listen as we discuss:  

  • Doug’s past struggles with childhood obesity, anxiety, and drug addiction.  [3:09]
  • Why the darkest day of his life turned into his biggest blessing.  [9:28]
  • How an incarcerated Tyler Durden helped change Doug’s life. [12:15]
  • How exercise helped him overcome his anger and pain.  [21:41]
  • The importance of having mentors and people who believe in you.  [22:34]
  • How did he transition from spending time in jail to becoming a successful trainer?  [26:13]
  • Mastermind groups - the power of paying to get in the room.  [29:12]
  • How to meet people of influence and build relationships with them.  [32:10]
  • How to establish and keep habits that will make you successful.  [35:18]
  • His tips for practicing gratitude and surrounding yourself with the right people.  [38:27]
  • What can you do to improve your confidence and build your self-esteem?  [41:57]
  • His biggest key to success summed up in two words.  [44:33]
  • Beware; these things are making you worse, not better...  [48:11]
  • How to know when you’ve outgrown your circle.  [50:41]
  • More effective tips for getting around successful people.  [54:17]
  • His daily non-negotiables.  [1:00:02]

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