63 minutes | Aug 21st 2020

#344: The Return of Nate Miyaki: Training & Nutrition for Physique Transformation

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Nate Miyaki is “The People’s Physique Champ,” and even more importantly, he’s one helluva nice guy who I’m proud to call a friend. 

A 4-time Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Nate’s work has appeared in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, LIVESTRONG, Bodybuilding.com and T-Nation.  He was named one of The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness and one of the Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America.  

This episode delivers incredible value to anyone interested in building a bada$$ body that feels and performs as great as it looks!  You’ll benefit from me and Nate just catching up like old friends and chopping it up about all things training and nutrition.  

Don’t miss out on topics like...

  • What has Nate been up to since we last caught up with each other?  [2:16]
  • His “reverse mid-life crisis”.  [5:39] 
  • Why he doesn’t like competing in bodybuilding but loves the process of getting into incredible shape.  [7:18]
  • How have his training and nutrition philosophies evolved over time?  [10:28]
  • What does an average day of nutrition look like for him and his clients?  [14:37]
  • Is having carbs during the day actually better for cognitive function?  [16:13]
  • What is the optimal pre-workout meal?  [23:54]
  • Is daily fasting and having weekly cheat meals recommended?  [25:55]
  • How he gets great results from training only 2 days a week.  [30:40]
  • Why all training philosophies are right.  And wrong...  [39:01]
  • The one, and MOST important, thing Nate does for recovery.  [42:12]
  •  The often overlooked but most important part of your training program.  [44:08]
  • Why the “Big 3” exercises SUCK (for most people) and the importance of finding exercises that are right for you.  [46:38]
  • How is he approaching training clients during the pandemic?  [49:40]
  • Is this the resurgence of Nate Miyaki or just the rare appearance?  [53:10]


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