71 minutes | Aug 5th 2020

#340: Macros, Muscle, & Million Dollar Marketing Tips with Jason Phillips

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Jason Phillips is one of the most knowledgeable and successful entrepreneurs in the fitness game.  

After building an incredibly successful nutrition coaching business of his own, where he worked with everyone from pro athletes to weekend warriors, he discovered his passion had evolved over time.  

With a clear new vision and sense of purpose, he set out to help other people build their own thriving nutrition coaching business.  He founded the Nutritional Coaching Institute.  He helps provide his students with the tools, mindset, and confidence they need to achieve their own dreams of impacting others through nutrition.  

In this awesome episode Jason shares incredible insights on how to do everything from build your own business to how to eat for optimal health, performance and a badass body.  If you ever miss an episode of Renegade Radio, you don’t want it to be this one! 

Listen as we discuss:

  • The people and mindset that have helped him not only survive but thrive during the pandemic.  [4:05]
  • How his ability to pivot kept his business winning when others were crumbling.  [7:45]
  • 3 steps to dig yourself out of a hole and the ONE piece of advice he’d give every entrepreneur in the world.  [10:06]
  • The two biggest things missing from most coach’s businesses.  [18:15]
  • What motivated Jason recently to make dramatic changes in his life?  [26:50]
  • How and why his business and impact has evolved with time.  [28:55]
  • What does his business look like today?  [34:44]
  • The no BS truth about why you’re not getting results and how the pandemic actually helps.  [37:32]
  • What does his training and nutrition look like now?  [42:02]
  • How stress and adrenal fatigue factors into deciding how many carbs you should eat.  [45:50] 
  • How should you train if you’re experiencing adrenal fatigue?  [51:29]
  • What should your nutrition look like if you train early in the morning?  [54:16]
  • How to optimize your post-workout nutrition for incredible results.  [57:25]
  • High carb versus low carb; how to know what’s right for you.  [58:46]
  • How should the average guy with a stressful job eat for optimal health and performance?  [1:02:35]
  • How can you tell if your insulin sensitivity is off?  [1:03:54]
  • Does he ever recommend a high fat, keto style diet?  [1:06:35]

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