62 minutes | Jul 31st 2020

#339: Healing Your Body and The Planet with Belcampo Meat Company CEO, Anya Fernald

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Anya Fernald is the co-founder and CEO of Belcampo Inc., a group of innovative, agricultural ventures in California and Belize. 

She is leading the charge and revolutionizing meat for the wellbeing of people, the planet and animals.  

Under Anya’s leadership, Belcampo strives to grow awareness, availability, and production of sustainably farmed food through its operations of organic farms, butcher shops, and restaurants, as well as unique, luxury agritourism destinations.  

In this episode we discuss the story behind her passion for delicious and nutritious foods and how Belcampo came to be.  Anya also shares incredible insights on nutrition, habits, mindset, business building and more.  

Listen as we discuss:

  • How Anya has used the pandemic to build positive new habits. [3:09]   
  • Why she says looking and feeling great is all about what you eat.  [11:00]
  • What is the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed meat?  [16:28]
  • Are you eating stress?  [22:18]
  • The real reasons to eat antibiotic-free chicken…. They’re NOT what you think.  [25:54]
  • The differences between traditional farming and Belcampo’s regenerative farming practices.  [28:04]
  • Is meat an essential superfood?  [32:22]
  • Why she says going vegan wrecked her health.  [38:24] 
  • Can a high fat meal help you feel calm, cool and collected?  [43:34]
  • Why taking a casual approach to what you eat will hurt your health.  [47:02]
  • How a few key shifts in business have helped Belcampo survive the pandemic. [52:09]

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