46 minutes | May 21st 2020

#333: Training for Older Meatheads, Increasing Chin Ups, Battling Adrenal Fatigue

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Here in Southern Cali we are on day 278 of quarantine. Or something like that. Who knows? It’s all blending together. Is it Tuesday or is it Friday? Who knows? 

All I know is you gotta stay strong, stay positive and stay training. 

To break up the monotony of staring at your four walls,  I’ve got a brand new Renegade Radio podcast for you where I answer quite a few listener questions, like these…

  • How has my training philosophy evolved over the years?
  • Programming for athletes versus washed up meatheads?
  • Optimal exercise sequencing? 
  • How to do more pull ups?
  • Ideal incline for hill sprints?
  • Coaching cues for overhead presses?
  • Best ab exercises for those with low back problems?
  • What to do about tight quads and hip flexors?
  • How to combat adrenal fatigue? 
  • Can you gain muscle after 50 or 60?
  • Thoughts on slow eccentrics? 
  • What about eating carbs at night? 
  • Best way to schedule conditioning into your weekly routine?

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