39 minutes | May 14th 2020

#332: How to Stand Out with Adam Bornstein

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Are you and your business just another face in the crowd, caught up in a sea of mediocrity with the other poor souls? 

Wanna know what it takes to stand out from the crowd so your business, and life, can have the impact on this world you know you’re capable of?  

Adam Borstein is a New York Times bestselling author and the man behind some of the biggest brands on the planet including Live Strong and Men’s Health.  He has helped mega-stars like Arnold and LeBron build their brands with his marketing and business expertise.  

He’s also the founder of Born Fitness and an award winning fitness and nutrition writer and editor.  

In this all new #RenegadeRadioPodcast Adam and I discuss how you can stand out, gain an advantage over your competitors, build habits for success and much more.  Listen as we discuss:

  • How to stand out from the crowd. [6:49]
  • The power of listening as a competitive advantage. [13:50]
  • Adam’s morning routine for finding clarity and building positive habits. [15:05]
  • The biggest lessons learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger. [17:03]
  • Why you must focus on the ONE thing. [21:04]
  • Go slow to go fast. [21:54]
  • How to handle criticism like a pro. [24:14]
  • Life is a game of reps. [27:27]
  • Business is a game, don’t get emotional. [31:19]
  • Understanding your desired outcome. [34:13]
  • Adam’s ‘two-step process’ to begin to stand out in the RIGHT way. [36:34]

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